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Therapy Session
Child Psychologist

I'm not sure I want medication, should I still reach out?

Yes!  We make this decision together, as you know your body and your experience better than anyone else does. After we discuss your struggles and possible treatment options, the next step is YOUR decision. My goal is for you to feel educated and comfortable with the treatment options we discuss. From nutraceuticals/supplements to prescription medications, the options are plenty. 

Online counselling

What is your new patient procedure?

The first step includes a screening process to ensure the level of care we can provide is suited for your specific needs. Your initial appointment will last about 90-120 minutes.  You will have the opportunity to be HEARD, your experience can be shared and your concerns will be addressed. A thorough, initial evaluation is necessary to ensure proper diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan. 

Follow-up appointment length and frequency, are collaboratively determined based on the level of care needed.  

Life coaching

I don't have insurance, can I still be seen?

Of course! Our Psychiatric Medication Management cash pay prices are as follows

Initial evaluation:   $380

Follow up appointment:  $150-250 depending on length of appointment

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